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About Us

Raptor Concept Store provides a wide range of fun quality innovative products for every family member all in one store. From PLAYto SPORTSto LIFESTYLE, we cater to your needs and desires at whatever stage of your life you’re in. We are built on a strong foundation because our mother company has been in the industry for almost two decades and continues to grow.


Raptor Concept Store has the highest stock availability that ensures that you get what you want. Here, you can find the most trustworthy top international brands and licensed products. It is not only the quality of our products that gives you value for money but also our efficient and effective operations that ensure that you get your money’s worth.


Because the products we carry are rarely found anywhere else in the country, you and your family can spend hours exploring our store. And the best thing about Raptor is that there’s always something new at your next visit. Rest assured, you would never get bored because in Raptor there are as many “wow” moments as there are products. We promise that no family member is left out of loop because there is always something for everyone at any age. We put top priority in family recreation.


And more than just selling trustworthy products, we, at Raptor, are here to build a long lasting relationship with you. We provide one of the best after sales service in the country because our assistance doesn’t stop when you step out of our store.

Through Raptor products, we guarantee to bring fun and excitement to your life making meaningful moments merrier. Raptor is here to add value to the good life that you already have. Through our wide range of innovative products, you know that with Raptor you have a lifetime full of possibilities.


Grow with us through every stage of your life because Raptor Concept Store is where the fun and growth are endless.



Our vision is to make life fun, exciting and, most of all, memorable.


Our mission is to provide a Raptor product for every family and every one of its members. We commit ourselves to anticipate and satisfy customer needs and desires. We aim to deliver value for money through our expanding product portfolio, outstanding quality, reliable availability, branding, distribution, and genuine customer care.