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Eva Big Foam Blocks

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by Meglio
72 piece set with a tote bag! 
You can safely play with our ultra-flexible and soft foam blocks. Much safer and much more quiet than plastic or wooden blocks! 10 different shapes and sizes that comes in red, green, blue, and yellow. These blocks come in assorted shapes that are perfect for a safe, fun and educational playtime experience as they promote the development of creativity, logic, reasoning and coordination skills through building, connecting, and stacking. Set includes 72 pieces. 
  • High quality EVA foam material
  • Safety EVA Foam Wood Effect Building Blocks
  • Easy to build and move
  • Non-Toxicity & Non-Smell
  • Assorted colors are available
  • Soft, lightweight and portable
  • Passed children safety choke test. The soft texture of the blocks is designed for children with sensitive skin.
  • Made from non-recycled, non-toxic, light weight, durable, and high density EVA foam: durable, hard to peel off, safe, with bold colors!
  • Conforms to all US and Europe safety standards and regulations.
Create a softer environment with the look of wood, but without splinters or sharp wooden corners to worry about! Whether it's a castle for figurines or a jungle village, your child will be occupied for hours in endless adventures. Children of all developmental levels will enjoy creating soft structures with our 72 piece high density foam blocks. Each block is 15 cm thick.

This block set includes rectangles, ramps, triangles, arches and other classic shapes.
Indoor kids' Playground, Amusement Park, Teaching Aid, Training Aid for coordination, Rehabilitation for medical treatment.
The blocks are also waterproof and can be used during bath time.

STEM APPROVED: Engineering is one of the cornerstones of the STEM curriculum, and these blocks fit perfectly into that group. With these blocks, creativity and balancing is taken to make the structures that kids want to build.

  • Easy-grip pieces assist in development of STEM, fine-motor skills and hand-eye coordination
  • Build logic and reasoning skills through stacking, connecting, and building
  • Create fun scenes to build creativity and imagination
  • Ultra-flexible and soft material creates a safe and fun playtime experience

  • Specification
    • Size: 40cm X 30cm X 20cm
    • Thickness: 5 cm
    • Pieces: 72 big pcs
    • Suggested age for 3 years & up