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Eva Printed Mats Wooden Design 60X60

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by Meglio
This floor mat turns any cold, hard floor into a comfortable, stylish surface. No more rugs to clean or cold hard floors!
Enhance the comfort and appearance of your floor with this floor mat. It features wood grain foam tile pieces to soften your space with the look of classic faux wood flooring. This mat not only protects from damage but reduces strain on your feet while standing.
It's a great option for kids, senior living, or anyone seeking cushioned padding with the look of realistic floors. Whether you're creating a home office, a kid-friendly play area, or setting up a tradeshow booth, foam mat tiles are incredibly versatile and multi-purpose. Install in specific areas or wall-to-wall to maximize space in your home or business.
In the home, this foam tile mat can be used as interlocking exercise floor mats, infant crawling area, for the basement, garage, or kitchen and dining room.
For business, floor tiles make a great anti-fatigue mat while standing during trade shows, conventions, office, health care facility, daycare, classroom, and more.
The interlocking tile pieces are quick and easy to assemble with a secure, seamless look! Create an attractive new floor within minutes! Puzzle tiles can be used as single or multiple pieces.

Product Details

  • Product Care: Wipe clean with damp cloth/sponge
  • Compatible Surfaces: Hardwood; Carpet; Tile/Marble
  • Size: 60cm x 60cm 
  • 4pcs per Set