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World Map Floor Puzzle EVA Mat

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by Meglio

Large 60 piece floor puzzle completes to make a detailed world map with flags of countries and time zones Interesting and educational. This floor puzzle is soft and flexible, but still virtually indestructible.

Size of completed puzzle: 197 x 125cm 

Thickness: 14mm

The map itself is very educational and fun. It shows all the continents and countries. Many of the tiny islands are also shown. Images of famous buildings and landmarks appear across the mat too such as the pyramids in Egypt. Native animals and traditions are shown in fabulous images like the Russian dolls and of course the big whale happily shown swimming around Easter Island.

The images are really good for younger children who does not know much about countries of the world just yet. For older children the map shows where all the countries are along with a flag section at the bottom and time zone clocks at the top and bottom.

The floor mat takes very little time to put together and once fully assembled it measures 197 x 125cm x 14mm which is plenty of room for all your child/ren to sit and play on. Each tile measures around 30cm x 30cm x 12mm and is made from Medium-density EVA foam. The surface is not slippery and it wipes clean easily whether they choose to play or eat on it.

It's suitable for kids of all ages even young babies.